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Commercial Moves


UBE offers commercial moves for both small and large office companies. We are also available to move at night or on weekends to eliminate your office's down time.   


Moving your company in the Houston, Austin, San Antonio or Dallas Area does not have to equate to downtime and loss of productivity.


Call UBE at 713-459-0486 to schedule your company move.


Benefits of Moving your Office with UBE

  • Pre-Move Observing:  Before your move, UBE will enter your office and provide pre-move training to prepare your office employees for large moves. Installation crews are ready to dismantle, install and move cubicles and workstations.

  • Insurance: We are required to be insured and bonded to at least $1,000,000 to enter office buildings. We carry $2,000,000 in insurance.

  • Optional Packing Services: UBE offers packing and unpacking services that help make moving offices in Houston a breeze.


Executive's Package

Overseeing the entire corporate relocation and don't have time to do your own packing?


Our experienced professional corporate movers provide a complete or partial packing-including the "Executive Package. This package is a complete, detailed packing of the executive's office including the executive's desk.


Office Relocation Rates

Rates are calculated from zip code to zip code.


Please contact us today for your free estimate!


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