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About Us

UBE, also known as United Business Elite, LLC should be your first choice! With over 20 years of experience, we have established fine quality facility services. When working with UBE, expect the highest levels of service related to all aspects of the maintenance programs.   


​At United Business Elite, we take pride in offering the following services.  Click on read more to learn in detail what we can provide for you.


  • Construction Clean Up

  • Janitorial and Floor Care Services

  • Paint and Dry Wall Services

  • Landscaping Services

  • Parking Lot Services

  • Repair and Maintenance

  • Electrical and Lighting

  • Delivery Services

  • Specialized Project Services

Delivery Services

People are faced with many organizational priorities on a daily basis--- residential and commercial moving shouldn't be added pressure.  Partnering with UBE can allow you to focus on more important matters as we execute your delivery service needs. Click on read more to see what services we provide when it comes to residential and commercial moves.

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